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Sun-Maid Extras



"Not A Runner" 

Role: Copywriter/Creative Leadership, Original Concept

 There was something about turning non-runners into hilarious heroes that was too good to pass up. So we created a witty campaign using original personas to tell the story of unlikely runners who turned it all around, and how the energy from raisins helped them do it.

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Sun-Maid Sours Product Launch, Parents Magazine, June 2017

Role: Copywriter

Sun-Maid introduced a quirky new snack (Raisins, but sour!) and asked for an ad that would appeal to both parents and kids. We tapped into our "not-so-inner-child" and came up with this colorfully whimsical idea. The client loved it, and so did readers sampled who said they were more likely to purchase after seeing the ad.

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(I would be remiss not to add that we proposed an entire campaign centered around a contest for kids to submit their original Sun-Maid Sours creation stories. Alas, it was tabled for a later date.)



Fine Cooking, January 2017

Role: Copywriter

Our brand-new client asked for an idea to replace their go-to headline. I put the old thinking-chef's cap on and came up with one that highlights the uniqueness of raisins in your "fine-cooking." (Pun intended.) 

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